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Doctori verificați

Verified Doctors

At DoctorChat, we meticulously choose qualified specialists who have been published. We assess each doctor's professional information, experience, and expertise, as well as consider ratings from previous users.

Rapid și ușor

Quick and easy

Receive medical consultations within 24 hours of logging in, directly from your phone or computer, eliminating the need to visit a doctor's office. DoctorChat offers an ideal solution for obtaining quick and convenient medical assistance, especially when you're away from home. We are dedicated to continuously enhancing your experience on our platform.

Confidențial și anonim

Confidential and anonymous

At DoctorChat, we prioritize the confidentiality and anonymity of your video consultations. We assure you that your discussions with the doctor are kept private, and your personal data is safeguarded and anonymized to ensure your privacy is maintained at all times.

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How does it work?

1. Simple and Swift Registration

Simply click on the button and provide a few necessary details for login. We assure you that all your personal data is securely protected and kept safe on our platform.

1. Simple and Swift Registration

2. Selecting the appropriate Doctor

Based on your specific medical concern, choose a specialist who specializes in the relevant field. On our platform, each doctor is clearly labeled with their specialization and expertise, ensuring you can easily find the right doctor for your needs.

2. Selecting the appropriate Doctor

3. Provide detailed description of your medical condition

Select the preferred type of consultation, whether it's a chat or video session, and communicate your medical problem to the doctor with comprehensive details. Feel free to attach any relevant investigations, pictures, videos, or other useful information that can assist the doctor in better understanding your condition.

3. Provide detailed description of your medical condition

4. Fill out the medical survey

By completing the medical survey, you enable the doctor to gain a better understanding of your condition and offer more precise medical advice, taking into consideration your health history. The information you provide plays a crucial role in ensuring accurate and personalized guidance.

4. Fill out the medical survey

5. Payment and consultation process

Upon completing the payment, a confirmation will be sent to your email address. Additionally, you will receive email notifications when you initiate a chat with your doctor, allowing you to commence your medical consultation whenever you feel prepared.

5. Payment and consultation process

DoctorChat patients about the platform's doctors:


Very pleased. Professional doctor. I recommend!


Very explicit and quick answer I received!


I had a fantastic experience! It was so convenient to connect with a healthcare professional from the comfort of my own home. The doctor provided me with helpful advice. I highly recommend this service!


A very useful platform when you urgently need to see a doctor. Thanks to Dr. Turuta Alina for her responsiveness and answers to my questions (which were quite a lot). I highly recommend.


Thank you very much doctor for your responsiveness!


Very pleased with the dialogue with the doctor, an appropriate and professional approach. Thank you!


Quick, on-topic answers and detailed advice. Highly recommend!

Stefan Frunze

We are satisfied with the work of the platform, every time we call we get qualified help.


As a busy professional, online medical consultations have been a lifesaver. I no longer have to take time off work or wait for hours at a clinic. The doctors I've interacted with have been prompt in their responses and have provided valuable advice. It's a flexible and efficient way to address health concerns without disrupting my daily routine.

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