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Aftene Vadim - Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist

Dr. Aftene Vadim

Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist

location Republic of Moldova, Chisinau

workplace Community Mental Health Center Chisinau

language English, Russian, Romanian

experience 22 years of experience


There are a series of symptoms and conditions that indicate the need to visit a psychiatrist: Fear of problems that were previously easily overcome. Constant feeling of anxiety without any apparent reason. Persistent drowsiness or severe insomnia, loss of appetite or constant hunger. Strong desire to regularly consume alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. Memory problems and difficulties with concentration. Uncontrolled reactions such as outbursts of anger, crying without reason, panic attacks, fear of social interaction, or feelings of anger without a clear cause. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is advisable to seek the help of a psychiatrist for evaluation and appropriate treatment.


Depression Depression
Intermittent explosive disorder Intermittent explosive disorder
Memory problems Memory problems
Panic attacks Panic attacks