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Brînza Aneta - Neurologist

Dr. Brînza Aneta


location Republic of Moldova, Chisinau

workplace Neuroscan Medical Centre, Hypermed Medical Centre Chisinau

language Romanian, English, Russian

experience 10 years of experience


Evidence and treatment of patients with various types of headaches (headaches), dizziness and vertigo, radiculopathy (back pain), anxiety (panic attacks), insomnia, memory disorders, asthenia (chronic fatigue), tics in adults and children, enuresis in children, paresthesia (numbness) in the limbs, conditions after vascular accidents, and other neurological pathologies.


Headache Headache
Panic attacks Panic attacks
Sleepiness or insomnia Sleepiness or insomnia
Sudden bouts of dizziness Sudden bouts of dizziness