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Constantinică Olga - Proctologist, Surgeon

Dr. Constantinică Olga

Proctologist, Surgeon

location Republic of Moldova, Chișinău

workplace Galaxia Medical Centre Chisinau

language Romanian, Russian, English, French

experience 38 years of experience


I can assist you with issues related to: discomfort in the anal region, hemorrhoids (hemorrhoidal nodes), acute or chronic anal fissures, anal polyps, hypertrophic anal papillae, anal itching, genital warts, chronic constipation, intermittent bowel movements, chronic anal pain, as well as other diseases of the large intestine.


Abdominal pain Abdominal pain
Frequent bowel disturbances Frequent bowel disturbances
Frequent constipation Frequent constipation
Sudden weight loss or gain Sudden weight loss or gain


Marian Persunaru

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