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Lupuşor Adrian - Neurologist, somnologist

Dr. Lupuşor Adrian

Neurologist, somnologist

location Republic of Moldova, Chisinau

workplace The Sleep Center at the Diomid Gherman Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery

language Romanian, Russian, English

experience 12 years of experience


I specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, which include the following groups of pathologies: Insomnia: characterized by difficulty falling asleep, shallow sleep, early morning awakenings, and inability to fall back asleep. Sleep-disordered breathing: including snoring, sleep apnea (where individuals experience choking, shortness of breath, and frequent urination during sleep), and dry mouth during sleep. Parasomnias: such as sleepwalking (when individuals walk or exhibit bizarre behaviors during sleep), sleep talking, and sleep-related behavioral disorders (where individuals act out their dreams by hitting, shouting, etc.). Various movement disorders during sleep: including restless legs syndrome and periodic limb movement disorder. Central hypersomnias: where individuals experience excessive daytime sleepiness and may fall asleep in inappropriate situations, such as at work, while driving, or during conversations. Circadian rhythm disorders: disturbances in the body's internal clock, leading to difficulties in sleep-wake cycles. As a neurologist, I also provide consultations for patients with headaches (cephalalgia), dizziness (vertigo), sensory syndromes of neurological origin (back pain, limb pain, numbness in the hands or feet), and anxiety-depressive disorders (restlessness, fear, mood disturbances), among others. I can assist you with the following conditions: Pyelonephritis, Urinary Tract Infections, Hypertension combined with renal pathology, Gouty nephropathy, Diabetic nephropathy, Renal involvement during pregnancy.


Fatigue Fatigue
Intermittent explosive disorder Intermittent explosive disorder
Sleepiness or insomnia Sleepiness or insomnia
Weakness Weakness



Dnul. Dr Adrian a fost foarte explicit. Profesionist! Recomand tuturor. Mulțumesc dnul Doctor.

Anna Butnaru

Extraordinar, vă mulţumesc!

Liuba Lungu

Medicul a fost foarte explicit. Sunt foarte mulțumită.


Very explicit and quick answer I received!

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