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Trofimciuc Marina - Otorhinolaryngologist (ENTs)

Dr. Trofimciuc Marina

Otorhinolaryngologist (ENTs)

location Canada

workplace Private Clinic

language Romanian, Russian, French, English

experience 6 years of experience


Throat swelling, profuse discharge, inflamed polyps and tonsils, frequent headaches, ear sensitivity, poor hearing and lack of smell are a few, disturbing manifestations that you need to go to an ENT specialist's office. In addition to chronic ENT diseases, the following symptoms may be reasons to see an ENT doctor: - Uncharacteristic hoarse intonations and other voice changes; - persistent or periodic sore throat; - difficulty swallowing food and fluids; - various types of guttural sounds; - snoring at night; - stuffy and painful, itchy ears; - any kind of discharge from the ears; - nasal congestion and considerable discharge from the nose.


Cough Cough
Headache Headache
Runny nose Runny nose
Sore throat Sore throat