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Țurcan Cristina -  Pediatrician

Dr. Țurcan Cristina


location Republic of Moldova, Chisinau

workplace Causeni District Hospital "Ana and Alexander"/ Family Dental Clinic Chisinau

language English, Russian, Romanian

experience 9 years of experience


Work with children 0-18 years by pathology: -Nephrological pathology; -Neonatal pathology (neonatal jaundice, malnutrition, respiratory system, neurology); - Pathologies of the gastro-intestinal system; - Vitamin deficiencies; - Growth periods; - Malnutrition or weight retardation; - Obesity; - Adolescent pathology and adolescent psychology.


Fever Fever
Frequent urination Frequent urination
Probleme digestive Probleme digestive
Runny nose Runny nose


Maria Ciolac

Mi-a plăcut mult, clar, fără grabă și la temă.

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