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Patient compliance with drug treatment.

Patient compliance with drug treatment.

Sedaia Ecaterina

Dear friend, my dear patient,

You often ask me about the duration of the treatment I prescribe for you because you are accustomed to „repeated courses per year.” Unfortunately, cardiovascular diseases are chronic conditions that require continuous medication to prevent exacerbations (which can often be life-threatening) and to achieve a favorable long-term prognosis. Adherence to treatment (strictly following the medication regimen at specific dosing intervals) is the key to controlling blood pressure values, reducing cardiovascular risk, improving quality of life, and enjoying life to the fullest with your beloved family and friends. You and I, my dear friend, share the same goal – to help you reach the age of 100 and stay strong, full of energy, and the desire to live. From my side, I select the appropriate medication and dosing intervals that are well tolerated by you and fit your clinical picture, instrumental and laboratory analyses, comorbidities, etc. But I cannot help you without your willingness and cooperation because it is a TEAM effort: Patient-Doctor. I need you to take and follow exactly what I prescribe. I am always by your side and ready to answer your questions or provide you with medical advice that is primarily in your best interest. In conclusion, I would like to emphasize once again that the treatment of cardiovascular pathologies is a CONTINUOUS treatment, and only proper adherence to the treatment will lead to a reduction in cardiovascular events and mortality.

With respect,
M. Cardiologist, PhD, Assistant Professor E. Sedaia.