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The role of a dermatologist

The role of a dermatologist

A dermatologist assists patients with skin, hair, and nail problems. The doctor diagnoses, treats, and prevents various skin conditions, such as:

Allergies and skin disorders;
Acne (blackheads, pimples, skin blemishes);
Skin infections (fungal, bacterial, viral);
Psoriasis and eczema (inflammatory skin diseases);
Various types of dermatitis (including atopic dermatitis);
Various types of dermatological conditions (blisters, wounds, blackheads, etc.);
Various types of skin neoplasms (warts, moles, skin tags, etc.);
Hair and nail problems.

To help patients, a dermatologist performs various diagnostic methods, such as skin biopsies, blood tests, and other techniques to identify the causes of diseases. They can easily consult patients online through chat or video. Patients simply upload pictures of the affected skin area and describe the situation. The dermatologist can then decide whether a physical examination is necessary or if the situation can be improved remotely.

Additionally, they assist patients in identifying the risks of developing skin diseases and provide recommendations for prevention and risk reduction. A dermatologist can prescribe medications, recommend lifestyle changes (diet, skincare, and haircare), and perform invasive treatments (e.g., laser removal of skin neoplasms).

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