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The role of a gynecologist

The role of a gynecologist

A gynecologist assists women with issues related to the reproductive system and also focuses on preventing and treating diseases associated with this system. They can help in the following areas:

1 Regular monitoring of women’s reproductive health, including examinations for disease detection;
2 Diagnosis and treatment of various gynecological diseases, such as vaginal infections, urolithiasis, cervical cancer, and other types of cancer;
3 Pregnancy planning and control, including various tests and fetal monitoring;
4 Treatment of menstrual disorders and other problems related to women’s hormonal balance;
5 Treatment of infertility and conception issues;
6 Routine check-ups and preventive examinations for women of different age groups.

A gynecologist can prescribe medications, perform surgeries such as curettage or cesarean section, and provide counseling on pregnancy and childbirth management. They can also offer advice on contraception and sexual health. All of these services can be provided online through the DoctorChat platform.

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