If you’re feeling sad, worried, anxious, or experiencing difficulties in your relationships with your spouse, children, or friends, I invite you to seek consultation and psychotherapy sessions to discuss new methods for overcoming these challenges.

How is depression treated?

Do you need to take antidepressants?

Can your thoughts influence your health?

How can you change what you feel, the emotions you experience?

How can you motivate yourself for a healthy lifestyle?

During consultations and psychotherapy sessions, we can discuss these and many other questions related to the health of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, in other words, your mental health.

Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health issues today, often overlooked but with effective treatments.

Often, people hesitate to see a psychotherapist or psychiatrist because they’re afraid of what others might think or they lack trust in these specialists. I invite you to try a consultation to better understand what a session with a mental health specialist entails.